Case Study 3: Promoting November 2015 as Fall Prevention Month in Ontario

In 2014, the Fall Prevention Community of Practice (www.fallsloop.com) identified the need to mobilize stakeholders in Ontario in a coordinated way to increase the impact of their work. Agencies were contacted to participate in the collaborative development and promotion of fall prevention messaging and activities during the month of November. This initiative mirrored the effort successfully implemented in Alberta.

Together, the Partners for Fall Prevention Month developed a theme and resources with the key message: It takes a community to prevent a fall - we all have a role to play.  All partners provided expertise and services to create a toolkit that included logos (in French and English).  The toolkit was housed on the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre (OIPRC) website.  The initiative set a new precedent of a collaborative approach in Ontario. The resulting campaign attracted attention and interest from other Canadian provinces.

There were 1,791 unique downloads of the toolkit by the end of the November. The planning guides developed for exercise classes and the Check Your Balance activity were well received, as were the bilingual Fall Prevention month logos and the handout “Six Warning Signs of Falls.”

109 organizations reported participating in Fall Prevention Month, with at least one fall prevention initiative. At least 30 organizations partnered with other organizations to run their initiative. There were initiatives in all LHIN regions and a particularly strong showing in South West Ontario, with participation from varied sectors including public health, non-profit, private, government, university and hospital. 


  • 157 initiatives during November reached 6,165 individuals
  • Over 600 health care workers are more aware of fall prevention practices
  • The social media hashtag #PreventFalls2015 was used in 497 tweets and a few dozen   Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr posts
  • There were 96 different news pieces related to Fall Prevention Month

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