May 2016

Child Injuries in Ontario: At home, at play, & on the road

With 2016 marking the 20th year of Parachute Safe Kids Week, an awareness week addressing preventable child injuries, it is an appropriate time to visit the status of child injuries in Ontario. In 2015, there were almost 290,000 emergency department visits and over 10,000 hospitalizations for child injuries in Ontario. These figures average out to 25 children being hospitalized and over 750 children visiting an emergency department (ED) each day. 

This issue of the Ontario Injury Compass uses ED visit and hospital discharge data to present child injury counts and rates, leading causes of injury, and key resources for injury prevention. A special focus on Parachute Safe Kids Week is also included. 



Infographic ImageSafe Kids Week: Issues at a Glance

This one-page, visual resource highlights Ontario data focused on the 2016 Parachute Safe Kids Week themes: At Home, At Play, and On The Road.




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