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April 2016

Canadian Injury Prevention Resource

OIPPN Minutes

Communication Tools

March 2018

A Snapshot of Injuries in Ontario: 2008-2016

February 2018

Ontario Injury Data Report 2018

February 2018

Provincial Injury Initiatives - 2017

December 2017

Case Study 5: Ottawa first municipality in Canada to offer safeTALK training to every employee

December 2017

Case Study 4: Distracted Driving

December 2017

Case Study 3: Promoting November 2015 as Fall Prevention Month in Ontario

December 2017

Case Study 2: Kids Need a Boost - Booster Seat Campaign

December 2017

Case Study 1: The Community Against Preventable Injuries (Preventable)

December 2017

Recommendations and moving forward

December 2017

When the story changes…

December 2017


November 2017

Fall-related Injuries in Young Children Aged 0-6

Membership List (Updated August 2017)

Consultation Letter - Ontario Government

June 2017 Minutes

Lower Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines (June 2017)

CPHA Presentation June 29/17

June 2017

Injuries from Falls Involving Skateboards and In-line Skates

Advocacy Letter Template (Bill C-45)

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference


April 2017 Minutes

OPHA Presentation

Presentation to alPHa (2017

RNAO Cannabis Articles

February 2017 Minutes

Best Start Conference 2017 - Key Messages

CCSA Presentation February 2017

Overview of the Government’s Approach

Membership List (Update March 2017)

March 2017

Injuries from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Ontario

December 2016

Injuries from Falls on Stairs in Ontario

Summary of Recommendations - Task Force Consultation

November 2016 Minutes

Cannabis and Road Safety - Policy Challenges

CCSA- A Guide to Facilitate Discussions about Youth Cannabis Use

CCSA - Myth Busting Link

Online Learning E-Module (Cannabis Use during Adolescence)

Marijuana and Youth Resource List

Maternal Cannabis Use Backgrounder (2016)

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health BoH Report

Niagara Region BoH Report

September Minutes

CCSA - The Effects of Cannabis Use during Adolescence Report

Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations - M Word Conference

CanniMed Presentation - M Word Conference

The Effects of Cannabis Use during Adolescence PP - CCSA 2015

Canadian Pharmacists Association - Submission to Federal Task Force

Non-Smokers’ Rights Association - Submission to Federal Task Force

Health Canada’s Task Force Discussion Paper

Cannabis - A Public Health Approach Briefing Note (SMDHU)

Considering Marijuana Legalization - Research Report

Toronto Public Health - Board of Health Report

Cannabis - A Public Health Approach (Middlesex-London)

CMA Submission to Federal Task Force

Submission to Federal Task Force - Cover Letter Template

Submission to Federal Task Force

Environmental Scan

June 2016 Minutes

September 2016

Young Driver Injuries in Ontario

Concussion & MVC Documents

September 2016

Provincial Injury Initiatives - 2016

September 2016

Communications Templates

September 2016

Highlighting Injury Prevention in Ontario:  It’s Worth the Investment

2016 Conference Presentations

August 2016

Fentanyl Patch Return Program Guidelines

May 2016

Child Injuries in Ontario: At home, at play, & on the road

May 2016

Road Safety Shareables

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SWOT Analysis

2016-17 Workplan


Home Safety Checklist

December 2015

Falls from Ladders among Ontario Adults

November 2016

Alcohol and Youth: Resources for Parents

September 2015

Fall-related Head Injuries in Adults 65 and over

September 2015

Provincial Injury Initiatives - 2015

2015 Conference Presentations

August 2016

Fall Prevention Month

May 2015

Bicycling-Related ED Visits in Ontario: A focus on children and youth

April 2016


Lead Trauma Hospitals in Ontario




March 2015

Trauma Hospitalizations in Ontario

MVC Subcommittee Minutes

Managers/Network Chairs In-Person Meeting

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January 2015

Tobogganing in Ontario: What’s the risk?

Comprehension Test: Fundamentals for Injury Prevention Practitioners

January 2015

Skiing, Snowboarding & Sledding: Alpine Sports Injuries in Ontario