August 2009

The CFPC E-Learning Course

The CFPC E-Learning course provides those working with older adults the knowledge and skills needed to apply an evidence-based approach to the prevention of falls and fall-related injuries.  Participants learn how to design, implement and evaluate a falls prevention program tailored to their work or community setting.  

The E-Learning course uses multimedia presentations, interactive activities and a collaborative environment for journaling and forum discussions.  A facilitator moderates discussion forums and provides feedback on the many practical application exercises.  This course can be completed over a period of 4 weeks and can be accessed anytime during the day or night.

The CFPC E-Learning course was developed through a grant from the Population Health Fund of the Public Health Agency of Canada.  The course is available internationally in English through Distance Education at the University of Victoria, as well as in French through the Saint-Jean Campus of the Francophone University of the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

For more information about the English version, please click here , call (250) 472-4747 or visit and go to the Health, Wellness, Safety section.

For information about the French version, please click here, call (780) 465-8600 or visit

Updated August 24, 2009