A Snapshot of Injuries in Ontario: 2008-2016

The March 2018 edition of the Ontario Injury Compass is based on the Ontario Injury Data Report 2018 (OIDR 2018) produced earlier this year. This compass summarizes OIDR 2018 data with the latest available counts and rates of injury related emergency room (ER) visits, hospitalizations and deaths by cause of injury in Ontario.  The Ontario Injury Compass is useful for injury prevention practitioners, epidemiologists, public health analysts, healthcare and public health professionals, as well as anyone with an interest in injury prevention. 

Data within the March 2018 edition of the Ontario Injury Compass, provides a province-specific view of the burden of injuries in Ontario, and can be used to identify trends such as consistent areas of high ED visits, Hospitalizations or Deaths in vulnerable populations who may be at a higher risk for a particular cause of injury. Age and population specific data presented within the report can also be used to identify trends within injury morbidity and mortality in Ontario to inform the development and implementation of appropriate health promotion programming and injury prevention strategies.

For the purposes of this report, ER and Hospitalization data is presented for a 2 year period for the Fiscal Years 2014/15 - 2015/16. Death data is presented between a 5-year period between 2008-2012.






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Updated March 20, 2018