July 2014

Burns Centre Consultation Guidelines Released

The Burns Centre Consultation Guidelines are a resource to facilitate consultations and/or transfers of patients to Burns Centres in Ontario. The Guidelines provide physiological criteria to consider when assessing a patient's need for consultation and/or transfer to a Burns Centre or Lead Trauma Hospital via CritiCall Ontario.  

In conjunction with CritiCall Ontario's one-number-to-call emergency referral service, the Burns Centre Consultation Guidelines are designed to support improved patient flow for all Burns patients in the province. CCSO will be providing posters of the Guidelines to all hospital Emergency Departments in Ontario.

Download the Burns Centre Consultation Guidelines:
Guidelines 11 x 14 (pdf)
Guidelines 11 x 17 (pdf)

The Burns Centre Consultation Guidelines were created in collaboration with the Burns Sub-Committee of the Ontario Trauma Advisory Committee (OTAC). The Burns Sub-Committee is comprised of the Medical Directors and Senior Administration representatives from the province's three major Burns centres (Ross Tilly Burn Centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation and The Hospital for Sick Children), as well as representatives from Critical Care Services Ontario (CCSO) and CritiCall Ontario.

Updated July 9, 2014