February 2009

Catastrophic injuries in sports book published

A new book on catastrophic injuries in sports and recreation by Dr. Charles Tator has just been released. The book presents a comprehensive description and analysis of all catastrophic injuries cases reported during four 12-month periods over a decade for more than 100 sports and recreational activities in Ontario. Included are personal and population risk data and injury prevention strategies and tips for each activity.

According to publisher, the University of Toronto Press,

  • Catastrophic Injuries in Sports and Recreation
  • "provides a wealth of information in a clear and accessible manner. It will be an invaluable resource for researchers, policy-makers, administrators, medical personnel, coaches, league officials and others concerned with injury prevention in sports and recreation.” Dr. Tator is a professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto. The neurosurgeon founded Think First Foundation of Canada, which is dedicated to preventing brain and spinal cord injuries.

For more information Program administrators or department secretaries interested in bulk purchases or further information should contact Kevin Dove, Sales and Marketing Coordinator at kdove@utpress.utoronto.ca.

For individual copies, contact your local bookseller, visit http://www.utpublishing.com , or call 1-800-565-9523.

Updated February 9, 2009