January 2007

Drinking and Driving Campaign Launched

A light-hearted series of posters highlights a deadly serious message in a new campaign launched by the Safe and Sober Awareness Committee of North Simcoe. The committee formally launched the campaign on Dec. 1, with the goal of reducing alcohol-related injuries and deaths on recreational vehicles in their popular tourist area.

The campaign features three key messages:

  1. Drinking and driving recreational vehicles is against the law: know the laws.
  2. Driving or riding recreational vehicles while impaired is just as serious and dangerous as driving a car while impaired: understand the consequences.
  3. Impairment starts with the first drink.

For information, contact Velma Shewfelt at 721-7330, ext. 7527 or velma.shewfelt@smdhu.org

Updated January 17, 2007