January 2007

Online Proposal Writing Course

The Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition (OHCC) and The Health Communication Unit (THCU) have collaborated on the development of a proposal writing course which has been designed as a stand-alone, self-directed program, free of charge to all that have internet access. It can also be downloaded and printed. The purpose of this online course is to help not for profit organizations plan and prepare winning proposals.

Six modules will guide you through each step in the proposal development process:

  1.  Developing (or Revisiting) Your Program Plan
  2. Seeking Funding
  3. Managing the Proposal Development Process
  4. Developing Your Proposal
  5. Producing and Packaging Your Proposal
  6. Submitting and Following-up.

For more information please visit : http://www.thcu.ca/ohcc-thcu-proposal-writing-course

Updated January 30, 2007