August 2014

Ontario Ministry of Transportation releases 2011 Ontario Road Safety Annual Report

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) 2011 Ontario Road Safety Annual Report (ORSAR) is now available.  This year’s report, along with reports from previous years, is available at

The combined efforts of road safety advocacy, public education, enforcement and the MTO’s road safety initiatives are making our roads safer for all Ontarians.  In 2011, the provincial fatality rate per 10,000 licensed drivers was 0.53, the second lowest rate in North America.  This marks the 13th consecutive year that Ontario has had the lowest or second-lowest fatality rate among all jurisdictions in North America.

Here are some MTO accomplishments helping to make our roads among the safest in the world in 2011:

  • As of July 1, 2011, the consequence of a driver's failure or refusal to comply with a police officer's demand made under section 254 of the Criminal Code of Canada (CCC) for drug testing is now the same as the failure or refusal related to the demand for alcohol testing.  In this instance, the driver will receive an immediate 90-day ADLS, a $150 administrative monetary penalty and a seven-day vehicle impoundment
  • In 2011, Ontario launched a range of marketing and public education activities to improve road safety across the province.  Highlights include the following:
    • The first Biannual Road Safety Marketing Attitude and Behaviour Survey.  A representative survey, which included all drivers (young males, novices, seniors, drivers aged 25 – 55, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists) was conducted to determine current attitudes towards road user behaviours and to identify the best ways to use public education and social marketing tools effectively.
    • Four new videos entitled, “How to Get Your Driver’s Licence” have been posted on the Ministry’s website.  These help young and novice drivers understand the process of obtaining their licence through the Graduated Licensing System (GLS)
    • A new public education resource titled “Impaired Driving: It Will Cost You Big Time” was developed in collaboration with MADD Canada.  The resource outlines Ontario’s drinking and driving laws, the penalties for non-compliance and details of the vehicle impoundment programs.
    • “Smart Ride Safe Ride” was created to educate off-road vehicle riders about the legislative requirements in Ontario and to promote safe and responsible riding practices.  This guide is available online at and through ServiceOntario Publications.

Questions about the ORSAR may be directed to: 
Frances Ilari
Sr. Safety Research Advisor, Safety Policy and Education Branch
(416) 235-4231

Updated August 6, 2014