November 2015

PHO report: Despite knowing the law, young people in Ontario still text while driving

Public Health Ontario (PHO) has released a new report, Texting While Driving Behaviour Among Ontario Youth and Young Adults.

About the Report

This report highlights the results from an online survey of 2,000 Ontario residents aged 16-24. The survey asked participants about their texting and driving behaviour, perception of the behaviour, and why they did it.

Key messages from the report include:

  • There was a perception that sending texts was more dangerous than reading texts.
  • The number who self-reported texting and driving was lower than expected, and contrasted the perception that "everyone's doing it".
  • Over 90% reported knowing the law against texting in driving, yet many still do it.

Along with the full report, PHO has prepared a fact sheet and some shareable graphics. 

The report and related resources can be accessed on PHO's website:

News Release

Read the news release from PHO:


Updated November 12, 2015