July 2012

SMARTRISK becomes part of important new voice in injury prevention

SMARTRISK, a long time leader in the promotion of safety and injury prevention in Canada, is pleased to announce its amalgamation with Safe Communities Canada, Safe Kids Canada and ThinkFirst Canada into a new national organization to be known as …Parachute – Leaders in injury prevention. As a single organization, we will provide a strengthened voice, sustainable programs and national reach for injury prevention awareness and expertise appropriate to Canadians of all ages. Our new organization will be the strategic injury prevention partner for families, communities, the health sector, researchers, governments and business, with a mandate to encompass all ages as well as intentional and unintentional injuries. This decision is the result of collaborative efforts between SMARTRISK and its partners, and involved consultation at the community, provincial and national levels.

Parachute’s first CEO will be Louise Logan, who is presently concluding her work as the Inaugural President & CEO of the Public Services Health & Safety Association. Louise has also held executive positions at WorkSafeBC and has a track record of significant accomplishment in the field of injury prevention. She will officially join Parachute in September. SMARTRISK will continue to manage and deliver its current programs and resources to its consumers. In the short-term, all contact information and websites for each of the four amalgamating organizations will remain the same. You will be informed when these change and our website visitors will be redirected to the landing page of the new organization, once it becomes fully active.

Thank you for all of your support over the last 20-plus years and we look forward to continuing to help Canadian families live safely.

Updated July 12, 2012