January 2012

Thousands of Canadians hurt in winter activities yearly

More than 5,600 Canadians are seriously injured every year from winter activities, according to new data released on Jan. 17 by the Canadian Institute for Health Information. While hockey hits have been getting a lot of attention in Canada, skiing and snowboarding injuries are more than twice as common, according to the data. In 2010-2011, there were 2,329 hospital admissions for a skiing or snowboarding fall or crash, compared with 1,114 hockey-related hospitalizations. Other seasonal activities also led to hospital stays: ice skating (889); snowmobiling (1,126); and tobogganing (171).

See the full news release and data at: http://www.cihi.ca/CIHI-ext-portal/internet/en/Document/types+of+care/

Updated January 17, 2012