Toolkit of Evaluation Methods & Measures

Evaluation is a word that often promotes feelings of fear and dread, or at least boredom on the part of injury prevention practitioners. It can conjure up images of horrible math tests from high school and uncomfortable job interviews or work performance reviews. For those who have worked in the public sector for a while, the word evaluation can also conjure up images of impersonal evaluation consultants breezing into the office for a few weeks, disrupting everyone's work patterns, and then producing a dry, technical report that no-one will ever read, unless of course, they are looking for an excuse to attack the program that was evaluated or to appropriate the program’s budget.

It does not have to be that way. Indeed, when conducted responsibly and with a focus on the information needs of IP program stakeholders and the usefulness of results, evaluation can be a positive force for organizational and program development (e.g. breathing new life into old, established injury prevention programs & helping to focus new ones).

In addition, developing your staff members’ expertise, knowledge and skills in evaluation can be very useful in meeting the accountability demands of the organizations that fund your IP programs and projects.

The contents of this toolkit are as follows:

The Stages of Evaluation

  1. Stages of Evaluation

Evaluation Concepts Our Recommended Model of Evaluation Practices for IP Organizations

  1. The Value of Using the Utilization-Focused Evaluation Model
  2. Model for the Comprehensive Evaluation of Training Programs in Injury Prevention

How to Use Logic Models for Planning, Developing & Evaluating Your IP Programs & Projects

  1. Logic Model - Planning Injury Prevention Programs
  2. Logic Model - Developing Injury Prevention Programs
  3. Logic Model - Evaluating Injury Prevention Programs

How to Develop the Internal Evaluation Capacity of Your Organization

  1. How To Create an Internal Evaluation Capacity Development Plan
  2. Example of a Completed Internal Evaluation Capacity Development Plan
  3. Internal Evaluation Capacity Building Tool #1
  4. Internal Evaluation Capacity Building Tool #2
  5. The Importance of Developing Internal Evaluation Capacity

How to Find, Select & Work with External Evaluation Consultants 

  1. External Evaluation - PDF file

Where to Get Valuable Training in Evaluation Concepts, Methods & Skills

The Names of Important Evaluation Organizations & How They Can Help You

  1. Evaluation Organizations - PDF File

Lists of Evaluation Resources that may be Useful in Evaluating Your IP Activities (e.g. newsletters, committees, awareness raising events), Resources (e.g. Falls Prevention Toolkit, Fact Sheet), Programs & Projects

  1. Resources - Part 1
  2. Resources - Part 2

This toolkit is under constant development. Kindly send your feedback about what else you would like to see here.

Updated August 7, 2014