Fall Prevention Toolkit

This toolkit provides a sampling of resources available on fall prevention, but it is not an exhaustive list. The resources provided are not to be substituted for medical advice. While there may be some slight variation in guidelines and/or statistics from various agencies, we endorse the statistics provided in this toolkit.

We invite you to download and print the resources, but please credit the agency that created the resource.

Fall Prevention Activities

  1. Check your balance (pdf)
  2. Exercise classes (pdf)
  3. Group social activities (pdf)
  4. Guerilla marketing (pdf)
  5. Mobile clinic for fall prevention (pdf)
  6. Finding balance community activities
  7. Flu clinics - Fall Prevention Month (pdf)
    1. Influenza vaccine consent form (doc)
  8. Group social activities
    1. You are the CSI of falls (pdf)
    2. CSI game - labels for letters (pdf)

Personal Stories

  1. Story from a caregiver (pdf)
  2. Story from an older adult who has fallen (pdf)


  1. 65+ falls data Ontario (doc) 
  2. 65+ falls infographic Ontario (pdf)
  3. Adult falls infographic Ontario (pdf)
  4. Fall-related head injuries in adults 65 and over (pdf)
  5. Seniors falls in Canada - English and French (pdf)

Information for Older Adults and Caregivers

  1. General Fall Prevention

    1. Six warning signs of falls (pdf)
    2. Age well, age safely (pdf)
    3. Anyone can fall (pdf)
    4. Are you at risk (pdf)
    5. Foot care and footwear (pdf)
    6. Staying independent (pdf)
    7. Taking care of my health: Falls prevention video campaign 
    8. Finding balance fact sheet (pdf)
      Other languages: FrenchChinese SimplifiedChinese TraditionalKoreanPolishRussianSerbian-CroatianSpanishUrduVietnamese (pdf)
  2. Hydration and Nutrition

    1. Healthy eating for healthy seniors (pdf)
    2. Hydration tips for seniors (pdf)
  3. If You Have a Fall

    1. Helping someone get up from a fall (pdf)
    2. How to get up after a fall (pdf)
      Other languages: FrenchChinese SimplifiedChinese TraditionalKoreanPolishRussianSerbian-CroatianSpanishUrduVietnamese (pdf)
  4. Medications

    1. Check your medications (pdf)
    2. Over the counter medications (pdf)
  5. Physical Activity

    1. Canadian physical activity guidelines (pdf)
    2. Challenge yourself to move (pdf)
    3. Exercises at the kitchen sink (pdf)
    4. Keep active
    5. Tips to get active - English and French (pdf)
    6. Physical activity and aging in Canada - video series 
  6. Safety At Home

    1. Bathroom retrofit (pdf)
    2. Keep your home safe (pdf)
    3. Preparing your home for winter (pdf)
    4. Home safety (video)

Practitioner Resources

  1. Communities of Practice

    1. Canadian Patient Safety Institute CoP on Falls 
    2. Loop - Fall Prevention Community of Practice
  2. Education Resources

    1. Public education slides with speaker notes (Powerpoint presentation)
    2. Post-fall huddles (pdf)
    3. Hip protectors (video)
  3. Guides and Guidelines

    1. Nursing best practice guidelines (pdf)
    2. Physical activity promotion (pdf)
    3. Getting started kit for healthcare organizations - English and French
    4. Preventing fracture in long-term care - Osteoporosis Canada (pdf) 
  4. Other Information

    1. Age-friendly communities (pdf)
    2. Diversity our strength - LGBT toolkit (pdf)
    3. Recommended reading for fall prevention (pdf)
  5. Planning Resources

    1. Conference planning checklist (pdf)
    2. Sample Communication Plan (pdf)
  6. Portals and Resource Centres

    1. Best practices toolkit for LTC homes
    2. Canadian Best Practices Portal
    3. Finding Balance Ontario
    4. Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre
    5. Optimal Aging Portal
    6. Parachute's Horizon

Programs and Interventions

  1. A Step Ahead to fall prevention in older adults (pdf)
  2. Stand Up - program for seniors (pdf)
  3. Too fit to fracture (pdf)
  4. Falls Toolkit - Veterans Affairs National Center for Patient Safety 
  5. Exercises at the kitchen sink - handout (pdf)
    1. Exercises at the kitchen sink - English videos - Part 1 and Part 2
    2. Exercises at the kitchen sink - French videos - Part 1 and Part 2
  6. Minds in Motion brochure (pdf)
    1. Minds in Motion - Video
  7. Walk This Way - First NationsL leaders' guide (pdf)
    1. Walk This Way - First Nations kit

Fall Prevention Month

The resources in this toolkit were assembled by the Partners for Promoting November as Fall Prevention Month. Learn more about Fall Prevention Month here.

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Updated April 5, 2016