Fentanyl Patch Return Program Guidelines

The Fentanyl Patch 4 Patch (P4P) Return Program was first implemented in the District of Nipissing on December 6, 2013. With the identification of the fentanyl issue in the community by the North Bay City Police Crime Unit, and a partnership between the North Bay & Area Drug Strategy Committee, physicians and community pharmacists, the program was developed, implemented and shared throughout the Province of Ontario. 

The North Bay and Area Drug Strategy has created and shared these documents to help the implementation of the P4P program in communities across the province. The resources below are free for your use. 

Patch 4 Patch Return Program Guidelines

Appendix A: Fentanyl Patch Return Disposal Sheet

Appendix B: Consent for a Controlled Substance

For more information, please contact Pat Cliche, pcliche@parachutecanada.org


Additional Resources

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The Burden of Premature Opioid-Related Mortality. (Ontario Drug Policy Research Network, 2014)

Deaths Involving Fentanyl in Canada, 2009-2014. (Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, 2015)

Updated August 8, 2016