Ontario Regional Injury Data Report (2012)



The Ontario Regional Injury Data Report presents the counts and rates of injury-related emergency department visits, hospitalizations and deaths by cause of injury for all Ontario health regions. The OIPRC hopes that by providing these counts and rates, communities throughout the province can better understand the most common injury causes throughout the various areas in our province, which will assist in developing and implementing evidence-based strategies tailored to their specific injury needs. These data also identify population subgroups who are more vulnerable to or at a higher risk for a particular cause of injury. As such, these data can help inform the development and implementation of appropriate health promotion programming and injury prevention strategies targeting specific injury causes and specific age groups. 

Practice Recommendations

In addition to providing data for each of Ontario’s regions, this report also includes evidence-informed practice recommendations, which have been included as appendices to the methodology section. These recommendations have been created based upon the major injury issues within each region and outline the associated evidence-informed practices for each of these top injuries. As such, readers can utilize the provided tables to identify major injury issues within their region and refer to the associated recommendation sections to investigate potential programming initiatives that could be applied.

The evidence-informed practice recommendations are also available as a separate document. 
Click here for more information about the Evidence-Informed Practice Recommendations.

Report format

Due to the amount of data, the Ontario Regional Injury Data Report is not one document, but has been divided into six separate documents corresponding to each region: Northern Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Central East, Toronto, Central West, and South West.

Report version and updates

The most current release of the report is Version 1.0. Any errata will be noted in future reports with a change in version number, and will be available on this page. To be notified automatically of any new revisions to the report, please subscribe to the ORIDR Notification mailing list by sending an email to ORIDR-subscribe@parachutecanada.org

Download the reports

Download the resources 

The following resources have been created for injury prevention practitioners in Ontario. These resources can be downloaded and distributed, referencing the Ontario Regional Injury Data Report as the original source of information (Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre. (2013). Ontaro Injury Data Report. Toronto, ON: Parachute).

The infographic is a visual representation of data, illustrating the most common causes of injury in each region. The Injury Data Presentation serves as an outline for practitioners to use in various settings, and includes data tables that are formatted and easy to explain. The media worksheet contains background information on the report, main messages and key statistics from each region's data report. 

Central East Region

Central West Region

Eastern Region

Northern Region

South West Region


Published April 2013

Updated July 23, 2014