September 2007

Aboriginal Populations - Part 1

Aboriginal Governance and Social Structure: An Awareness Raising Session for Non-Aboriginal Organizations Looking to Partner with Aboriginal Peoples
November 22, 2007

10:00 am-11:00 am EST


Tuesday MacDonald. Tuesday Johnson-MacDonald is a member of the Wolf clan of the Mohawk Nation situated in the Grand River Territory of the Six Nations. Tuesday has an extensive background in working with social-political structure of Aboriginal communities. Starting at the community-based grassroots level, Tuesday has been involved in all levels of program and service delivery for Aboriginal populations at both the provincial and national levels. She has held the position of Director of Social Services for over 10 years for the Mississaugas of the New Credit and the Six Nations of the Grand River First Nations. She has worked also as a policy analyst and coordinator for the Ontario Indian Social Services Council for 15 years. Now, working as an independent Aboriginal consultant, Tuesday is the sole proprietor of TAP Resources; an event management firm. This session develops the participant’s awareness of Aboriginal governance and social structure as the first step in a process for making connections and for developing potential partnerships with individuals, agencies and organizations within Aboriginal populations. This session will highlight Aboriginal health priorities and provide information on existing Aboriginal health promotion materials. The session ends with a focus on strategies for building an effective Aboriginal network.

Session materials

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