January 2008

Asset building: Is it worth the risk?

Asset building: Is it worth the risk?
March 25, 2008

10:00 am-11:00 am EST


David Huether. David Huether (Heater), a retired high school principal, has been involved in working with youth for over 37 years. During his five year retirement, David has become an advocate for community development with a focus on promoting the positive values of asset building for children and youth. After completing a four year term as coordinator for a community coalition, “Every kid in our Communities of Leeds and Grenville”, he continues to volunteer in sharing the vision that all children and youth be healthy, safe, and valued. The purpose of the Every Kid coalition is to develop collaborative and effective ways of working together to enable all children and youth to grow to their potential as valued and worthwhile citizens of their communities. He believes that all children have assets and can be powerful resources of support for their communities and for others. In an overview of the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets, the connection between smart risk taking and injury prevention will be explored. Research shows that the more assets a child or youth possesses, the less likely he/she is to participate in harmful high risk activities and, in fact, may very well exhibit positive thriving behaviours making wise choices!! The chances for success for children and youth in life are increased dramatically when their community commits to an asset building approach. This approach is strength based and is open to everyone. We can all make a difference!

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