September 2008

Bullying and Victimization: The Relationship Perspective

Bullying and Victimization: The Relationship Perspective
September 23, 2008

10:00 am-11:00 am EST


Dr. Joanne Cummings received her Ph.D. in Clinical Developmental Psychology from York University and is a member of the College of Psychology of Ontario.~ Dr. Cummings was a Postdoctoral Fellow and subsequently a Researcher Clinician in the Infant Psychiatry Program at The Hospital for Sick Children. The development of the capacity to engage in healthy relationships from infancy though adolescence is the constant thread linking her research and clinical work. Dr. Cummings’ research has examined parenting in families experiencing spousal violence and homelessness, and has evaluated various forms of parent-child relationship focused therapy. Dr. Cummings has been involved in bullying prevention work since 1995, consulting to schools and community organizations. Dr. Cummings is now the Partnership Manager of PREVNet (Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence), a New Initiative of the federally funded Networks of Centres of Excellence. The mission of PREVNet is to develop a national strategy to reduce problems of bullying and victimization throughout Canada. As a clinician, Dr. Cummings works with very young children (ages 0-6) and their parents at Blueballoon Health Services, where she is the Director of Clinical Training, Psychology. Dr. Cummings also lectures in the Infant Mental Health Certificate Program of York University and consults to the Family Home Visitor Program of Toronto Public Health. This presentation will introduce participants to the most current and evidence based understanding of bullying. Research will be reviewed that examines the prevalence among Canadian children and youth, the role of peers, the role of adults, and key prevention and intervention strategies.

Learning Objectives

  1. To raise awareness and enhance understanding of bullying in its various forms 
  2. To enable participants to identify best practices in prevention and intervention strategies 
  3. To discuss the barriers to and opportunities for implementation of best practice strategies.

Session Materials

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