June 2015

Everyone’s Falling but Me: Approaching fall prevention in the adult population

This webinar took place on June 24, 2015.

Did you know that fall-related emergency room (ER) and hospital visits begin to rise in the 25-34 age group?  Or that more 45-54 year olds visit an ER for a fall than any other age group under 80?

A great deal of work is currently underway to prevent falls in children and seniors. But what is being done to prevent falls for the population in between? 

This discussion will highlight why the issue of falls in adulthood demands attention, and what exemplary programs currently exist for prevention. Inviting input from participants, we will ask the important question – what’s next?

This interactive webinar is presented in partnership with ONF, OIPRC and University of Toronto. Technology provided by the Seniors Health Knowledge Network.

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Best Practices in the Prevention of Mid-life Falls in Everyday Activities (Full Report)

Evidence Summary: Best Practices in the Prevention of Mid-life Falls in Everyday Activities (Summary)

Infographic: Adult Falls in Ontario

Updated June 24, 2015