May 2008

Risk Management: How to Protect Your People While You Protect Others

Risk Management: How to Protect Your People While You Protect Others

Part 1: May 27, 2008
Part 2: June 26, 2008

10:00 am-11:00 am EDT

Faculty: David Hartley. David spent most of his career training insurance brokers for large insurance companies. Now he works for Imagine Canada, training nonprofit leaders on how to stay out of trouble by making their first priority the protection of their people (volunteers, staff, board members, participants). The Centre daily assists Canadian nonprofit leaders by phone, email and through workshops. David enjoys making dry material fun to learn. In the past, injury prevention practitioners have asked the Resource Centre to help clarify their liability when they are fitting helmets on children or installing child car seats, for example. This two part series will answer those questions. Part 1 will focus on the insurance aspect of risk management and Part 2 will focus on practical risk management for practitioners who conduct car seat installation clinics and helmet fitting workshops.

Participants will be surveyed after Part 1 for specific questions Mr. Hartley will be invited to address in Part 2. These sessions will help practitioners better understand liability and risk management, regardless of the nature of their jobs, and will provide access to valuable resources.

Part 1 will highlight the following:

  • Why you need to find out about insurance, regardless of your job or volunteer title
  • Understanding important insurance terms
  • Understanding what insurance coverage is out there
  • Finding out who is covered, and who’s not
  • Finding out what is covered and what’s not
  • Making sure you get answers
  • Enjoying the peace

Session Materials - May 27

Session Materials - June 26

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